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Interested in leaning about stones? What they are, where they come from, what they do? Here you will find articles, blogs, videos and more about all aspects of rocks and crystals, so pull up a seat and stay a while!

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Please visit our FREE resource site ; Crystaliscious Characters. Here you will find videos, articles and links about individual stones. Articles include folklore, history and metaphysical meanings of stones. This section is continually growing, so please add to your favorites bar!

Don't miss our practitioner spotlight! We have teamed up with some of the best energy workers in the world! Find out who they are, what they do and how they can help you!


We have been working hard on bringing you affordable quality classes on stones and how to use them.  We have managed to get our classroom back up and classes are being added as quickly as possible. You will find both free and paid classes in the crystaliscious classroom!

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Please be sure to check out our YouTube channel, with over 70 videos on stones and more on the way! You will also find meditations as well as recommendations for more material on the subjects you are interested in.

Also don't miss our collection of blogs, book reviews, featured authors, local calendars, free downloads, session information plus much much more!

New Meteorite Page! If you have more infer on these please let me add it to the site!

Please feel free to email me @ if you have any problems.

Thank-you for stopping by, hope you enjoy your time hear, if you do please share our site and let your friends know about all the great resources here on our site!

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